Ayushi Nanda, una studentessa di 13 anni della Little Flower School in India (diretta dalle Maestre Pie Venerini), si è classificata al sesto posto nel concorso internazionale di poesia organizzato dalla fondazione Never such innocence. Scopo del concorso è stato quello di coinvolgere ragazzi di tutto il mondo ad avvicinarsi allo studio della Prima guerra mondiale attraverso la poesia, l’arte e il canto.
Di seguito riportiamo il testo della sua poesia (in inglese) e due video riguardanti la studentessa. Ad Ayushi e alle sue Maestre i nostri più sinceri complimenti… ad maiora!


His last tribute by Ayushi Nanda (13 anni)

Sirens blowing, a deadly war is about to begin,
armed with weapons; we attack the enemies…
Bloody gunshots, bombs blasting and continuous gun
firing. Crushing with army tanks with soldiers dying…
With great courage I shot and fought many…
And didn’t stop when I saw my blood dripping.
The war stopped, nobody lost or won but my life is going away,
And before this I have a few things to say…
Oh the gust of wind flying over,
Do go and meet my loving mother,
Wipe away her tears and ask her not to weep,
Thank her for all the supports she always gave to me…
Do go and meet my doting father,
a man who taught me to live with pride and honour
Inform him that his son did his best,
Thank him for all his advice which I always had…
Oh the rays of warm sunshine,
Do go and meet my playful son,
Ask him to be happy and have fun,
Ask him to be brave and strong and do brave deeds,
Tell my boy, there is no such kid like him…
Oh the cheerful birds flying so free,
Do go and meet the people of my country,
Ask them now to sleep without any fear,
We soldiers have save them as mountains of barrier
Oh the future of the world, do listen…
Avoid war and live in peace and harmony,
Remember all those gallant soldiers
Who died for you doing brave deeds!
Finally oh my beloved motherland,
Take me deep within; where I shall rest in peace…
I fought bravely and bore wounds,
and saved your body from enemies.
I am done and I have done my best by fighting in the warzone,
As I give my last salute to my country and love ones at homes,
I wipe off the tears of sadness and silently close my eyes,
As this is the last tribute of mine,
As the last breath goes away, I happily realize:
I am a gallant warrior; I am a heartfelt soldier,
born to serve and born to die…